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Monday, May 11, 2015

Return to Mosaic!

Flight tickets..... check!

Passport..... check!

Schedule..... check!

Packing list..... in progress!

Souvenirs..... what am I going to do about souvenirs??

It is hard not to get antsy when in about 4 days time I will be boarding a flight to Amman, Jordan. It will be my first time ever in the Middle East (transit stops not included). And this would be my second time attending the Mosaic International Leadership Summit, but this time with a pastoral role as a Group Leader!

I have already been introduced to my group members via email, and they are really interesting bunch. So far, I've seen that I have delegates from Bahrain, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Jordan, Pakistan, UAE in my group, each from diverse backgrounds and work. It would be interesting to compare notes and create ideas that we will be able to bring back home to make a difference in our respective local communities.

I loved my previous experience with the 2013 Mosaic International Leadership Programme, which was held at London, UK in September 2013. At that time, I was getting ready to embark on my one-year stint as President for JCI Intan, so my action plan was about getting people to work together, happily and productively, especially since it is a volunteer-based organisation. I am happy to say, together with a mentor who took time to discuss with me, I have had a great year. And coming out of it, I scored the job of my dreams, and other achievements on the personal front... something that I thought I would not be able to achieve, 2 years ago.

So, wish me Bon Voyage, and I'll be writing in with more updates when I get to Jordan!

Meeting HRH Prince of Wales during the 2013 Mosaic ILP Summit

The Malaysian delegate team for the 2013 Mosaic ILP 

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