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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Why Must I be at Mabul Marine Week 2011

Collecting rubbish into mesh bags during a Project AWARE dive. Photo courtesy of Avila Geraldine Samuel

The Mabul Marine Week is an annual conservation program which includes the clean up of the sea and its reefs, coral transplanting, exhibitions and various conservation activities. This event is to promote marine awareness among villagers, stakeholders, divers and the public, to protect one of Earth's most beautiful natural treasures. In the past, many dive operators, District Officer of Semporna, Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Environment Sabah, WWF, Environment Action Council, Mabul School, Mabul's islanders, General Operation Force, Sponsors and guests have participated in this programme.

Gosh, it sounds sooooooooo exciting and I want to be a part of the Mabul Marine Week 2011 happening 24th – 26th September 2011!!

I love to dive. And I enjoy participating in charitable events and environmental causes.What better way to give back to Mother Earth than to participate in a clean-up where only the lucky few get to see / visit? It is a privilege to be able to dive! It's a whole different world down there.

And oh, did I mention that there are a LOT of really good looking male scuba divers? ;-) and I mean like a LOT. Hahaha! All the more reason to want to go :-p

We usually notice the rubbish that we see around our landscape, but you will be surprised at what you will find lying beneath the surface.
My underwater klutzy look. Photo courtesy of Kent MacDonald

When I was 16 or 17, all I wanted to do was to ‘Save the World’. My greatest ambition was to go off to study Environmental Science in university and then go off to work in environmental groups such as WWF, or Greenpeace.

Anyway, many years have passed since I left my greenie dream behind. While I may not have been able to do what I have dreamt of doing (as a real, full-time job), doesn't mean that I have given up.
Rubbish collected and sorted (Nope, not MY legs!! ;-))
I join in environmental causes regularly, like PADI Project AWARE where we dive for a cause - to pick up rubbish and marine debris on the reefs. Some great experience there, especially on my 3rd participation in the project (this was at Manukan Island) - I hit the motherlode! Even though underwater visibility was poor on that day, along with 2 other divers, we managed to fill up 3 large mesh bags within an hour. Mostly I collected loads of plastic wrappings and bottles. Strangest thing collected on the dive - a pair of white and blue shorts. Most disgusting? Used sanitary napkins!! Eww! Another diver even found a helmet. Some found jelly shoes. And everyone saw the toilet bowl at the bottom of the sea... wth??

At the end of 2 dives we had the rubbish weighed… and ta-daaah! We have managed to collect a total of 129kg despite this being the second clean up dive in 2 weeks! Plastic bags and wrappings, like those you get from keropok and nescafe 3-in-1s weighed a whopping 60kg. Plastic bottles, 16kg.

Ta-dah! My proof!! :-D

This year, the Mabul Marine Week will be hosted by Scuba Junkie. Scuba Junkie is a local professionally run dive company based at Semporna, Sabah. They own an eco friendly dive resort called Scuba Junkie Mabul Beach Resort. Read more about them at http://www.scuba-junkie.com

Mabul Marine Week is probably like a Project AWARE diving activity on a much larger scale, right? And it's gonna be on one of the most beautiful places in the world!!! I've been to Mabul-Sipadan before, and it is gorgeous! Can't wait to get there and see all the natural beauty (and uhh... the nice-looking male divers ;-p).

Hope to see you soon, Mabul!!


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Vote for Sabrina for Core's Get Fit Challenge 2!

I am........ a Human Yo-yo.

Seriously. I have spent most of my 32 years either losing or gaining weight. I don't believe there was ever a time where my weight was completely stable.

For most of my childhood, I believed I was a chubby child (I compared myself to the rest of the class), but now as I look back at my photos, I can't believe that I thought that at all. In fact... that girl looked perfect. I guess my lack of self-esteem most likely had to do with me being the tallest in the class. And bespectacled too!

But I had my moments. Like the times when cheese sandwiches and chocolates were my best friends :-p All the dance classes didn't help then

The skinniest period of my adult life was when I was a mere 55kg at age 18. It was probably due to the fact that I spent lots of my time being obsessed with Taekwondo and eating yoghurt and granola bars..... :-p (fanatic!)

However, since giving birth at 19, my weight has just being going up and up. Until I reached 80kg. It was embarassing. I couldn't find clothes that fit. At least, not in Malaysia. I mean seriously, it is an offence to be a woman and be above 5 foot 5 in Malaysia, let alone weigh above 65kg. That is just HUMONGOUS by Malaysian standards. Boutique girls scoffed at you, strange men snidely comment that you enjoy your food too much.

Skinny again - 2005

My weight went down slightly during my year away at Australia to attend University, but still I was above 70kg. For about a year after I came home, I enjoyed my nice slimmer figure.

And then.... the amazing human blimp made her re-appearance. Maybe it was from a deskbound job, with the benefits of lovely treats by the company...

Ugh... fat :( in 2008

end of 2009

Still.... FAT in early 2010

Fast forward to today.....

I now work in a job that is a lot less deskbound. And it has been over a year since I started to seriously attend cardio fitness classes again. While some people who have known me previously have commented that I have lost a lot of weight, I am still way above the weight considered healthy for my height. And strangely, while I have been told I lost weight (visually), strangely the scales have remained the same :-p

Again and again I have results that tell me that I am in fact OBESE. Sad....

I don't have the secret ambition to be a swimsuit model ;-) not am I due to be walking down the aisle in a form fitting white gown anytime soon. But I want to look better for no other reason, but myself! Because I know I deserve it.

As in my nomination entry on why I need a body transformation:-

"Simple reason, I just want to look good for myself. Me. And show myself that I CAN shed a few more kilos, look better in clothes, and in pictures, even though I am quite happy the way I am and my progress thus far. Plus, it wouldn't hurt to end the year looking fit and fabulous ;-)"

What I hope to gain out of the Core's Get Fit Challenge 2 is a better toned, and fitter body. 

Today, I stand at 170.5cm tall and weigh 80kg.

Please help me to get to the top 3 most voted with the following 2 easy steps and be on my way to a NEW ME:-

Step 1: 'Like' Breeze Magazine at www.facebook.com/BreezeMagazine
Step 2: 'Like' my photo at www.tinyurl.com/CFC2Sabrina

Thanks everyone!


Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fancy seeing your own company logo on a calendar?

Looking for special year-end corporate gifts for your customers and staff?

How about a nice calendar with your company logo on it? The JCI Intan 'Love Yourself' Programme is now open for orders of their 2012 calendars!!

The Love Yourself programme is a series of events aims to enhance a woman's self-esteem through appreciating one's own natural beauty and taking care of themselves. Through this programme, JCI Intan is advocating the message that everyone deserves to feel beautiful, regardless of age, race, shape and size.

Awareness on this programme has been raised through various activities, ranging from smaller events such as online contests, and fitness programme - Zumba, to larger events, for example ‘Be A Belle’ – A Beautiful Workshop being the major event under this programme. The ‘Be A Belle’ Workshop was held recently at 9th July 2011 at Kinabalu Club. See our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/LoveYourselfKK

One of the photoshoots in progress

The main output of these series of programmes will be the production of our very own ‘Love Yourself’ 2012 Calendar, featuring women who are not necessarily model perfect, but are naturally beautiful and comfortable in their own skin. The Love Yourself 2012 Calendar is one of the initiatives to generate income taken by Intan this year to fund future meaningful projects. Example of projects that Intan has done includes the White Ribbon Day Campaign.

The first photoshoot for the calendar

PLEASE SUPPORT!! And enjoy the lovely pictures ;)
Contact organising Chairperson, at 016-8287675 or email sabrina_aripen@yahoo.com.

Deadline for logo sponsorships is on 10th September 2011!!

yep, one of the shoots - Love yourself through Eating Healthy!

The 1Sabah photoshoot with the lovely ladies
For further info on JCI Intan and what we do, go to www. jci.cc/local/intan or visit our Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/JCI-Intan/


Thursday, August 4, 2011

Looking back at WRD 2010

This is an event that happened last year, but nonetheless.... who knows, maybe a better event can be done this year? I just want to share my experience with you.

I happen to be very proud of what I have achieved with White Ribbon Awareness campaign last year. What was initially planned as a small event, just got a bit bigger than I expected. I was especially happy to have gotten a few guys roped in as White Ribbon Ambassadors, thanks to my friend and guitar teacher - Rene Barrow. In fact, it was his idea to have posters of the Ambassadors to spread the message of White Ribbon Day. Go to My earlier blog on White Ribbon Day. It also includes a special video message by the JCI Intan White Ribbon Ambassadors
AJ Vaa

Alvin Mahathir Yunus, better known as AlvinMY
 Indeed I had a lot to thankful for -  I had lots of support for this project!
I was also really glad to have met Glory Yew, of Glory Studios who took the photos and even designed the photos for free (!) after he heard about this campaign that I was organising under JCI Intan. That really boosted my enthusiasm for the project (even more than I already was :-))

My nephew Mohd. Shahrizan (bottom right) and his friends

Brendon Soh

Tengku Fuad Ahmad
We had quite a number of well-known figures in the local scene for our posters. Excellent!

Jonathan Tse

My own mum and dad got into the fun ;-)

Rene Barrow and Asif Pishori

Teddy Chin Jr.
I have to thank my parents for supporting the project and sponsoring the printing of some of the posters :-) Which we then distributed to places like Starbucks, Coffee Bean, Boutique Cupcakes (one of our sponsors)....

It was quite an overwhelming process. Besides the posters, we (JCI Intan) had organised lots of other events such as the t-shirt designing competition and jingle writing competition BEFORE (yes, that was not all of it!) the main event on 20th November. At the main event, we had a bazaar and a talk by notable speakers such as Anne Keyworth of Bukit Harapan.

The Winning T-shit design by Ian Paul

The main beneficiary of this project is the Sabah Women Action Resources Group (SAWO), an organisation that was formed to fight for the rights of women and children in Sabah. To read a bit more about SAWO and their work, go here. Since then I have joined in a number of their programs and initiatives, and have to say I really respect the work they have done for the community.

While in the end, we didn't manage to raise that much money to contribute to SAWO (it was enough to fund food for the children's party in their play therapy group) but the most important part was that we raised awareness at least for some part of the community. Little by little, we will accomplish what we have set out to achieve.

Our other campaigning efforts......

The first press release

The post event coverage

White Ribbon Campaign in MyAds. Thanks again, Glory!

Meeting up with KKFM to discuss our campaigning needs

Main event at Megalong Mall, which included a bazaar. Thank  you Megalong Mall for sponsoring the venue!

The first white ribbon I created :-p
Oh, I almost forgot.... the Facebook group that I created for this event reached 750 members!! Which is quite a number! Except that Facebook has decided to archive old groups.... click here while the page is still active WRD Facebook Group Oh, looking back I remember that some of my hardworking committee had done a fantastic job to spread the awareness by taking photos of people wearing the white ribbon! Too fab!

And the beginning of this year.... I brought my campaign on my trip to Norway ;-)

Details of the project was also posted on SayNO - UNiTE. Say NO – UNiTE to End Violence against Women is a global call for action, launched in November 2009, on ending violence against women and girls. It is presented by UN WOMEN as a contribution to advance the objectives of UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s campaign UNiTE to End Violence against Women through social mobilization. UN WOMEN Goodwill Ambassador Nicole Kidman is the Spokesperson of Say NO.

Anyway.... I am thinking about launching a similar program this year, but perhaps focused more on one area. As you can see, for last year, there were way too many things going on ;-) But time is a factor too, since I have agreed to be part of the working committee for Fiesta Feminista 2011, hosted by SAWO and PACOS and it falls right on White Ribbon Day itself..... ;-P

But ... maybe it is still possible to pull something off, especially when there is enough support and manpower :-D If you are interested in being part of the White Ribbon Day effort, do drop me a line at sabrina_aripen@yahoo.com.

Til then.... cheers!

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