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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My Birthday Wishlist

I once read in a book about organising your finances, that you should think about the birthday gifts you want to receive. Everyone loves birthday gifts, but ask them what they would like to receive and most would hesitate. Maybe it is strange that a book on financial organisation should touch on such a subject, but the logic behind it is that the topic is, afterall, about 'organising'. Therefore, you shouldn't waste gifts and possible money savings by receiving things that you already have. So have a wishlist ready. Now, isn't that smart?

I haven't thought much about that particular section of the book until yesterday, when a particular 'someone' wanted to get me something for my birthday. And yes, I hesitated. I would be turning 31 this year, on no other day but one that falls during the month of Ramadhan, thus limiting my party options. Also, I seem to have lost track of time that I didn't even remember that I have a birthday coming up. So anyway, here is my birthday list, organised into Big, Medium and small options ;-) (in case there are others who would want to give me something, hehehehe!)

BIG Birthday Gifts
1. A new digital camera. My last camera didn't survive falling into a dish of soy sauce early this year :-(
2. A new mobile phone. My Nokia 5800's screen has started to distort very often. Very annoying that sometimes I can't see who is calling!!
3. Like any other lady.... who doesn't wish for some extra shopping money? ;-)

Medium Birthday Gifts
1. A digital photoframe. Just because, new thing and everything :-D
2. New lingerie
3. Lonely Planet on .......... ;-) for my upcoming trip
4. Some 'bling bling'!
5. A full makeover - hair salon, make-up, mani & pedi, the works....

Small Birthday Gifts
1. Music CDs ( I am thinking - Katy Perry, Glee #2, Michael Buble....)
2. Chocolates. Always good ;-)
3. A Bodyshop voucher. If not... anything in the ranges of Aqua Lily or White Musk is welcome
4. Times bookstore voucher. There is never enough books for me!
5. Coffee Bean voucher :-p
6. A whole hi-fibre health cake from Secret Recipe :-p but I reckon I will buy this myself as a treat ;-)
7. Movie tickets

So there, you have it! :-D

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