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Monday, April 5, 2010


I feel so sad, so dejected. Being passed over again not because of my own personal attributes, but worse, simply because I am not in the right place. She may not be as gorgeous, or as smart or as great as I am (hey, I am trying to make myself feel better here!), but yet she has the upper hand, simply because she is there!! How sucky is my life?? Have I reached rock bottom yet? Why is it I can't find an interesting guy where I live??

These are the woes of the cyber-era. Where once upon a time, your options for a date was limited to people you actually met in real-life, you can now make dates with complete strangers based on their pics and living in completely different places. And whatever interesting conversations you have managed online. While this opens up many choices, so is the potential for yet another heartbreak. Time is of essence whenever you meet someone interesting. Anything can happen between this week and the next, sadly.

I am a lovefool. I still hang on to the hope that one day someone will see past the distance and see that I am in fact someone to take a chance with. I just hope!

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