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Friday, July 17, 2009

Back home again....

Unfortunately, there is a blackout at the moment. Blackouts are very common in Labuan. So common, that turning off your lights for an hour in the spirit of Earth Hour is nothing. I guess I could go out.... But where? I guess, at this hour, some place with night entertainment like Cheers Pub or Dorsett's Fun Pub. But nah.... not tonight. Firstly because I do not particularly enjoy drinking, contrary to popular belief. And secondly, the entertainment is all geared towards male population.

And anyway, if I went, it is not like I would rustle up much attention from the opposite sex, anyway. Now, if I was in Australia, it would be a different case.... I would actually feel normal and best of all, attractive. There would be more guys taller than me than ones that rise only up to my ear. And no smug men making remarks about my weight. I happen to like having tits and an ass, thank you!

I had planned a Friday night of browsing through eBay, getting inspiration for more craft ideas, while at the same time catching bits and pieces of the movie playing on the tellie - Enchanted. Exciting, huh? But now, I am sitting here in the dark, tapping away at the laptop, connected to the dial-up and feeling the heat. Wishing that I was still on holiday at W.A. (will write more about that later)

Now it is time to ease away the holiday mood and start picking up things where I left them. Need to wash the car, top up the groceries, pay bills, send the car for servicing, visit the pet store and get some special kitty litter.... and oh, I really need to send the kitties to a vet to be spayed. Wonder if the Jabatan Haiwan is the only place I can have it done in Labuan. Need to straighten the house, as the kitties have been frisky and bumping things off shelves. Lucky I put the breakables on the top shelf. Last time, one of them broke my brand new Adidas perfume bottle within a few hours of purchase. And they have 'broken' my houseplant. My house will never be showroom quality, even again, I suppose.

One hour has passed. Still no electricity. And... no water running in the kitchen either. Welcome to Labuan, isn't it fabulous?? The best selling point they come up with is to turn half the island into some sort of a brothel, with the scantily clad GROs running freely. Honestly, some people should think about getting some gigolos for the ladies too. We happen to make up a big part of the work force here, and after a hard days work, don't we deserve a special treatment too? ;-) Hey, it is all about equality.

That's all for now. Now there are mosquitoes feasting on my blood while I impatiently wait for the lights to come back on.

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