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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Where I now stand with my 101 list....

53 days to go to my 30th birthday. 48 days ago I embarked on a mission to finish 101 tasks in 101 days. This is what I have done so far, clock is ticking. The most difficult I find to fulfil iare the financial goals.

Travel & Adventure
1. Visit at least 5 new places (which I will do in July)
2. Go parasailing - Did this at Sutera Harbour resort on 31/5/09
3. Try a banana boat ride
4. Apply for working holiday visa
5. Walk on the beach at the break of dawn and watch the sun rise
6. Go for a sunset cruise
7. Re-experience driving in a foreign country
8. Start a savings plan to visit more countries around the world
9. Take the PADI Advanced Open Water Certification
10. Experience one of the following: Skydive, hot air ballooning or bungee jumping
11. Do the tourist-y thing and indulge in the Harvest Festival celebration - went as a group this year (30/5/09)
12. Come up with 5 ideas to promote my mum's B&B and tourist business and implement

13. Learn to make lemon meringue pie - Made one for the company potluck party on 23/5/09
14. Learn to mix a marinade for barbecue meats
15. Learn to cook rendang/kurma/pineapple chutney and other Malay food from Mama
16. Learn to bake bread
17. Teach Ashley to make her favourite dish - Taught Ashley to cook her favourite - chili con carne with rice. Can't guarantee that she remembers though
18. Make a review of each restaurant/eatery in Labuan
19. Try a new restaurant in KK when I am home - Tried the All American restaurant at 1Borneo on 30/5/09. It was ok, but not some place I would see myself revisiting anytime soon.
20. Make chocolate fondue at a party/gathering
21. Pick up a recipe from the food channel
22. Sign up for a cooking/baking class session
23. Celebrate with champage
24. Try 5 different cocktails/mocktails - had a Snow Peach mocktail, mmmmmmm....
25. Try Mexican food
26. Treat the whole family to a seafood dinner

27. Instill a habit of recycling - Today (27/6/09) I deposited my 3rd load of plastic bottles and tin cans to the recycle bins :)
28. Make a habit of the 3-step skincare routine - I am doing pretty well so far :)
29. Reorganise kitchen and set up shelves - Tried to put up the shelf, but not successful in drilling the holes, the concrete wall is too hard :( not sure yet how to proceed.
30. Sign up for a Bodyshop makeover
31. Spring clean my closet and get rid of things I know I will never wear again - Still in process. Some clothes I am selling off via eBay. Better the clothes find a nice new home where they are used, then stuck rotting at the back of my closet.
32. Buy a new pair of glasses and get my eyes checked again
33. Write a journal to document each of the 101 days - Yup, and still doing it :)
34. Learn another language
35. Find a new signature perfume
36. Learn to play chess
37. Face up to my fears and close one chapter of my life that is long outstanding - in the process.
38. Re-energise my living space using Feng Shui principles
39. Buy 1 religious item to hang on my wall to remind me of my faith

40. Re-learn to play the guitar - I am trying to learn 1,2,3,4 by the Plain White T's :) Love the song!
41. Learn to play and sing one song (on piano)
42. Set up a travel blog - Well..... this is my blog, though you can't really classify it as a travel blog.
43. Finish a cross-stitch project
44. Pick out 100 best photos to be printed out and compiled in a scrapbook - Downloaded the Photobook software. Need time to compile the pictures though...
45. Address my opinions on current events in the daily newspaper
6. Design a t-shirt
47. Create a ceramic signature platter as a momento of my 30th - All I am missing now is the porcelaine pens :)
48. Blow up favourite pictures to hang on the walls
49. Post travel reviews of places I have stayed/visited on traveladviser.com - I posted one, on Singgahsana Lodge in Kuching, Sarawak
50. Create a piece of costume jewellery - I made a pair of swarovski earrings (12/6/09)
51. Revamp a simple top with beads/glitter
52. Create a mix CD for every stage of my life - Arranged the music in folders on my iTunes :) I don't feel confident about burning them into CDs at the moment, hearing they have a crackdown on illegal music CDs in cars
53. Shoot a music video of myself doing a cover version
54. Act like a host of a travel show and make a video commentary of Labuan
55. Create 1 craft item with Ashley

56. Reconnect with old friends/classmates in a gathering - It bombed. Met up with 3 primary schoolmates on 21st June 2009. Well, an effort is better than nothing.
57. Host a theme party (maybe for the birthday??) - still thinking about the theme 'Childhood Dreams' for my 30th birthday bash :D
58. Plan a major event to celebrate 30th birthday - invites are out and planning underway :D
59. Watch Pretty Woman, Pulp Fiction.... and any must-see movies that I have missed
60. Organise a horror movie night and sleepover
61. Write a long email to people I haven't seen for a while
62. Finish reading Sophie's World - still halfway, on page 267 now
63. Ride a rollercoaster (I am scared of them!)
64. Ask a guy out on a date
65. Sing karaoke for a large audience
66. Dress up like a star for one day
67. Have a portrait photo professionally taken
68. Play paintball
69. Have a caricature of myself done
70. Have a girly weekend away with Ashley
71. Learn to ride a motorbike
72. Learn to play lawn bowls
3. Breed seamonkeys
74. Revisit 3 places from my childhood
75. Revisit 3 places from my teenage years
76. Revisit 3 places from my early twenties
77. Take a picture and write a memory about each place I revisited
78. Indulge in a movie marathon of my favourite movies from each era
79. Perform a ritual to exorcise the ghosts of my past and start anew
80. Take the kids to play ten-pin bowling again
81. Influence at least 1 person to take up the 101 things challenge too ;-)

82. Set RM100 aside every month & establish a proper savings plan - ummmmm.... can't do :P
83. Freeze two of my credit cards in a block of ice and not use them again until the 101 days are over - errrr.... no can do. I can't survive without my cards. While I don't use them to swipe purchases, I need them to buy plane tickets and such :P
84. Put RM5 in savings for each completed task and RM10 for every uncompleted one.
85. Maintain a spreadsheet of my finances
6. Sell 5 things on ebay.com - so far, sold 3 things. A pair of boots, my billabong camouflage pants, Vivitar camera.....

Health and Fitness
87. Lose 10 pounds
88. Undergo a 4 day detox programme - This one almost killed me. Never again!!
89. Perform some form of exercise at least 4 times a week for 8 weeks
90. Sign up for a full body massage
91. Be able to do a wheel/upward bow pose in yoga
92. Experience a fish spa
93. Take supplements every day for 60 days - ummmmmm..... they are expensive??
94. Practice belly dancing 2 times a week
95. Be able to do a chin-up

96. Get my CPA paperwork sorted out
97. Attend 3 more CPA Australia CPD events
98. Organise 2 successful & well-planned ALTC sports events - the badminton tournament has been postponed to 4/7/09, while I am away on leave. So I am finishing as much as I can first before going off :)
99. Clear, reorganise and redecorate my workspace - completed just this week. I have added a photoframe and a cactus.... and gotten rid of that ugly desk caddy and found a cute penholder instead :) And.... I made the huge pile of paper disappear!! Yippee!!!
100. Complete 6 CPA online learning courses
101. Update my CV on all online jobsearch engines - updated Jobstreet. Don't think it is necessary with the rest, since I have found only Jobstreet to be effective for me.


Saturday, June 13, 2009


Barely 30, 'almost' single and enjoying life. Those would be the words I would choose to describe myself. I enjoy life by doing what I love most: eating good food, travelling, experiencing new things and spending time with people that matter. Basically, just having a great time.

Professionally, I am an accounting executive, halfway to getting CPA certified. Why halfway? Because I haven't figured out my required mentor program yet. I just need some motivation to really get my head around it. That is basically me - I work in spurts, fuelled by imagination and inspiration. I find that I work best when I have been struck by inspiration, but unfortunately, I am also excellent at being a procrastinator. My goal in life is to live life to the fullest and my main motto is 'A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single footstep'.

If you were to ask me 10 -15 years ago, this would probably be my fantasy - securing a job with an office with a seafront view, a car of my own, my very own place to live in, and yes, credit cards! Getting here wasn't easy. I have it all messed up and stumbled my way to getting here.

For those of you who haven't read my Facebook note 'I wish for a fairytale ending...', I totally recommend it. Even though it is a very very long-winded account of my ordeals, it was written at a time of emotional turmoil. It could also perhaps let you have an insight into who Sabrina really is. I find that writing is my best therapy - the best outlet where I could pour out my entire heart and soul. Because I am not really that good at verbal communications. With writing, I know that I will be 'heard'.

And that is why I have this blog - and it will be about bits and pieces of my life and experience. A little bit of everything.

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